New Team

New Congregation Leader: Brother Francis Xavier Agoah fpm

Today, Monday, April 24th, the Presentation Brothers Congregation Chapter 2017 meeting in Villa Palazzola, concluded the election process for a sew Conregation Leader and a new Congregation Leadership Team (CLT). The process was faciliated by Sister Catherine Ryan, a Servite sister from the United Kingdom, who as been the Chapter Facilitator throughout the weeks of Chapter.

It is with joy and hope that the Presentation Brothers announce the names of the new Congregation Leader and the Congregation Team.

Brother Francis Xavier Agoah fpm has been elected Congregation Leader. Brother Francis will be the first Presentation Brother from Africa to be elected to this important role. His electon marks a courageious and inspired acknowledgment by the Chapter delegates of the significance of Africa for the future of the Congregation.

The members of the Congregation Leadership Team elected this day are:

  • Congregation Leader, Brother Francis Xavier Agoah fpm
  • Deputy Congregation Leader, Brother Patrick Fitizgibbon fpm
  • Brother Barry Noel fpm
  • Brother Kevin Mascarenhas fpm
  • Brother Joseph Mukasa Dongligee fpm
Joseph Mukasa Dongligee fpm

Congregation of Presentation Brothers Leadership Team: Kevin Mascarenhas fpm, Patrick Fitzgibbon fpm, Francis Xavier Agoah fpm (Congregation Leader), Barry Noel fpm, Joseph Mukasa Dongligee fpm

Brother Francis kindly agreed to be interviewed by Chapter Communicaitons at Villa Palazzola. The video is provided below.

The Presentation Brothers share with you their the joy and confidence for the future which this significant moment in the life of the Congregation represents. Throughout the Presentation Family all will be united in prayer for the success of the new Congregation Leadership Team in its ministry of leadership.

Brother Francis Agoah fpm from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

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