Final Day of Chapter

The final day of Chapter is getting under way. Talk at breakfast was about boarding passes and departure times. A sense of quiet satisfaction reigns as people reflect back over … Continue Reading →

Called to New Horizons

Sister Pat Murray from the UISG was the key speaker for Good Friday. She began her presentation by drawing our attention to the generative power of image. An image always has generative potential. This insight was experienced by all participants when she projected an image on the screen of the new world that is now emerging, a world where the presence of religious men and women is declining in the global north, while increasing dramatically in the global south. We are now living a new and exciting reality. Continue Reading →

Palazzola Dawn

Palazzola Dawn Dawn is breaking over Lake Albano at Palazzola. The moon still hovers over the lake but already the birds are singing, welcoming the new light of day. This … Continue Reading →

Sr Catherine Ryan, Facilitator

Our Facilitator

In common with best practice for gathering people in conversation, religious congregations avail of the services of a skilled facilitator to manage the Chapter process. We are delighted to welcome … Continue Reading →