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From time to time we will upload videos to the website so that you can participate in the Chapter experience through viewing inspirational and relevant reporting. The first of our videos is Fr Jim Corkery’s homily at the Opening Mass.

Homily at the Opening Mass on Wednesday, April 13th

Homily Opening Mass from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

Reflection on the Theme of Beauty

Brother Martin spoke about Beauty will Save the World in his opening remarks to the Chapter. The theme comes originally from Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists. It has been included in the Chapter theme of Pilgrim Brothers with the Compassionate Christ. The beauty in the world is not just that which enchants the eye, it is also, and even more profoundly, the beauty that manifests itself in the work of mercy. This was exemplified powerfully in Pope Francis’ embrace of the sick and the poor, not only in words, but also in gesture.

Beauty will Save the World from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

Dawn Mass

On Easter Sunday morning Chapter delegates and participants gathered to celebrate the Eucharist on the Garden Terrace facing the lake. It was a somewhat cold morning but the sense of the time and mystery in the commemoration of that first Easter Day as the women rushed to the tomb of Jesus was very moving. The singing of the birds offered an added dimension of serenity and awe.

Easter Dawn Mass Chapter 2017 from Chapter Communicationsr on Vimeo.

Palazzola 2017

Brother Bede Minehane fpm from the Anglo-Irish Province has compiled a montage of photographs taken over the past week of the Chapter. It captures well the life and spirit of the Chapter in images. Sister Marie Dunne chf, the Chapter liturgist, has provided a beautiful melodic soundtrack from her CD Ripples of the Spirit. The video features some images from Wednesday, April 13th, the Chapter Opening Day.

Palazzola from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

Homily: Sister Anne Morris dhs

Sister Anne gave the homily at the Mass on Thursday, April 20th. She took as her theme the phrase from the Gospel of the day: “Have you anything to eat?”. She explored the theme in a reflection on how God relates to us. God relates to us, as Jesus does, through the ordinariness of things. It is how we, too, are called to behave with others, to show love in the ordinary simple domestic gestures of living together, in rituals as everyday as having a cup of tea.

Sister Anne Morris dhs from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

Mass of the Holy spirit

On Friday, April 21st, the Mass of the Holy Spirit was celebrated in the Chapel at Villa Palazzola. This is the traditional prelude to the discernment process for the election of the Congregation Leadership Team. The participants carried lighted candles from the Chapel and processed across the courtyard to the Chapter Room. From that point on the Chapter maintained a recollected silence, even at meals. A quiet and silence descended upon the house which inspired a spirit of calm suited to thoughtful and prayerful recollection.

Mass of the Holy Spirit from Donal Leader on Vimeo.

Lakeside Mass

Yesterday, Monday, the noon-time Mass was celebrated on the Garden Terrace overlooking Lake Albano. The setting was stunning and the weather obliged. In the distance, across the expanse of lake, one could see clearly Castelgandolfo outlined on the skyline. An firefighting-aircraft from nearby Ciampino dipped into the lake just as we were preparing for Mass. The atmosphere was reverent and recollected as the Chapter was focused on the leadership discernment process. Fr Alan in his homily recalled the late Irish Cardinal John Charles McQuaid who had opposed change in the Irish Church. We, as an Easter People, are called to embrace the constantly evolving world of the Spirit and so we must be prepared to welcome change when it calls us onward.

Lakeside Mass from Donal Leader on Vimeo.

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