Invoking the Spirit

Over the last ten days of Chapter there has been a daily reminder of the presence of the Spirit with the group. Weather patterns have shifted in the last few days as a cold Siberian front has moved in and coffee breaks are now taken mainly indoors. The days are sunny but bitterly cold. It seems as if the weather has supported the turn inward, to the quiet and interiority that discernment requires. Conversations have become muted and more intensely aware of the significance of what is happening here in Villa Palazzola.

The Chapter is now entering upon the period of discernment leading to the election of a Congregation Leader and a Congregation Team. It is a serious moment requiring serious thoughts, much prayer and a commitment ot an absolute integrity of purpose.

This morning in the Chapel the Mass of the Holy Spirit will be celebrated. The delegates will process with lighted candles from the Chapel to the Chapter Room where they will begin with solemnity the official constitutional discernment process leading to the election of Brothers to leadership roles in the Congregation of the Presentation Brothers. They will be aware of the presence of the Spirit, of Our Lady of Good Counsel and of Blessed Edmund Rice as they enter upon the process.

All in the Chapter are united in prayer with the many people throughout the world who are joined in solidarity with the Brothers and the wider Presentation Family at this time. It is a moment of profound companionship in prayer and presence.

Brother Rupert’s Address

Yesterday morning, towards the end of the mid-day Mass celebrated by the Chapter chaplain, Father Alan Neveille MSC, Brother Rupert O’Sullivan fpm addressed the Chapter and paid a tribute to the sterling contribution that the out-going Congregation Leader, Brother Martin Kenneally fpm had made during his tenure in office. The warmth of the applause following the address testified to the Brothers’ esteem for Brother Martin. You can view the address in the video which follows.

Chapter Tribute from Chapter Communications on Vimeo.

This was a special moment in the life of the Chapter as the participants recalled with affection and esteem Brother Martin’s selfless ministry in the service of the Brothers and of the Congregation.

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