Opening Day

These photos are from the Opening Day at the Chapter on Wednesday, April 14th, when the delegates to the Presentation Brothers Congregation Chapter at Villa Palazolla welcomed guests and friends from Rome.

Good Friday

We offer some photos taken on the terrace during a morning break from the sessions with Sister Pat Murray IBVM of the Union of Superiors General in Rome. Sister Pat presented on the theme of the Call to Mission, focusing, in particular, on the messages contained in recent Church documents.

Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil with the lighting of the paschal fire was a particularly emotional moment for the Chapter. The setting was dramatic with the fire being lit against the backdrop of the shimmering evening waters of Lake Albano and the lights of the towns sparkling on the darkness of the water. The lights of visitor’ cars arriving for the ceremony added to the sense of occasion.

Ceremony of Blessing for the CLT

On April 18th the Chapter participants expressed their gratitude to the Congregation Leadership (2011-2017), whose term of office is currently expiring, in a Blessing Ceremony. The ritual included a blessing prayer for the outgoing leadership team and marked in a context of reverence and appreciation the esteem in which the current team is held. The current members are: Brother Martin Kenneally fpm (Congregation Leader), Brother Rupert O’Sullivan fpm, Brother Barry Noel fpm, Brother Walter Hurley fpm, and Brother Denis Claivaz fpm.

Various Images

The following are images not associated with any particular event or theme. Some are images of the Villa Palazzola complex. Others are from the recent papal audience trip. One of the more striking images is that of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit, a very unusual representation of Mary. Our Spiritual Guide at the Chapter, Sister Anne Morris dhs, is a Daughter of the Holy Spirit and she was quite pleased to see this statue on the Palazzola cloister.

Evening Prayer at Palazzola

In preparation for the solemn election of a Congregation Leader the participants, who have been in silence over the week-end, gathered in the Villa Palazzola Chapel for an Evening Prayer led by liturgist, Sister Marie Dunne chf. The Evening Prayer consisted of prayers, hymns and reflective moments. The liturgical setting, with candles, lectionary and Easter flowers, created an atmosphere of solemnity and prayerful recollection.

Photos from Bede Minehane fpm

Brother Bede has been a diligent, enthusiastic and careful photographer. He has what photographers call ‘the eye’. He also deserves special recognition from Samsung as he deploys his Samsung Six with class. Enjoy some of his photographs here.

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